30 hours yoga immersion 
Alignment, anatomy and philosophy l

Immerse yourself in the depth of your practice through these profound teachings. 
Through this 30 hours course you will broaden your understanding of the movements, the breathing and the philosophy of the yoga practice. 

This course is for yoga practitioners who are ready to deepen their practice and for the yoga teachers who wants to refine their understand of the practice. 
It is for courageous and curious souls who wants to explore and immerse themselves. 


 The course contains of: 

  •   Inspirering, challenging and grounded yoga practices, with asana practice, pranayama and meditation. The practice is in relation to the theme of the day. 

  • Lectures about the different pose groups focused on alignment, anatomy and biomachanics.

  • Pranayama/Breathing workshops.

  • Yoga Philosophy - based on the "8 limbs of yoga", and discussions about how we as modern yoga practitioners can live a life based on the philosophy. 

  • Inspiration and discussions about Sadhana - how to build up a sustainable daily practice. 

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