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Last full moon of the year, and upcoming schedule

Wow.. I wish you could see where I am sitting right now. Well, I am just sitting on my floor in my room - but with the full moon shining down on me through me window. One of those small, but magical moments in life - where all you can do is just to embrace it.

This is 2016's last full moon - and a part of me is super excited to leave 2016 and begin 2017. This year has been a bit of a ride. But I will leave that to my New Year update, later this month.

I feel the time is running fast, and I feel a lot of people are thinking the same. It's already the middle of December, and Christmas is here so soon.

So, as many of you know - I've been struggling with deciding my 'winter-moves' and trying to take a decision where to spend my winter has been super hard. But, it seems like the decision about staying in Europe over the winter, has been the right choice. I haven't yet got any panics, haven't looked at flights or looked at job opportunities abroad for a while now. I think I have simply made peace with the cold, and made sure I am enjoying my days, and getting some warmth and sunshine from good company, enjoying my work, and saunas.

By being here in Copenhagen, I've got to meet a lot of inspiring people and getting a lot of good working opportunities, which I am very grateful for.

Wanna catch me for a class or two over the next couple of months? Here is my so far schedule for the rest of 2016 and beginning of 2017:

On Saturday the 17th of December, I am hosting the second part of the Thai Yoga Massage Course. It is still possible to participate, even tough you didn't participate in the first part.

By joining the second part you will receive over email an tutorial which will cover both the first and the second part of the workshop.

Last classes of 2016; I am covering classes at Fysisk Form, Vesterbrogade 95A, 1620 København V on following days Monday the 19th. of December. 19.00-20.00

Thursday the 29th. of December. 14.00-15.00 & 15.00-16.00

Classes in January 2017

Mondays; Hatha Yoga at Sangha Yoga Studio - Vesterbrogade 124B 1620 København


Wednesdays; Ashtanga Yoga at Everyday Yoga - Njalsgade 23D 2300 København S



Vinyasa Yoga at Forsøgs Stationen 9.00-10.30

I am covering classes at Fysisk Form, Vesterbrogade 95A, 1620 København V on following days:

Monday the 2nd of January


Tuesday the 3rd of January 10.00-11.00

Monday the 9th of January


Monday the 16th of January


... and more to come - stay updated!

Hope to see you on the mat. Have a wonderful night. Love and Laughter Stine Brink

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