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Do Karma Yoga and Join Me For a Insta-Yoga-Challenge,

I am so excited to announce that I am hosting my first every yoga challenge – and it is just not another regular yoga challenge (if you have ever participated in one) – it is a challenge to bring more awareness towards homeless women.

From the 18th of September to the 28th I will invite you to strike a (yoga) pose for a good course. Every time, doing these 10 days, you post a photo with the hashtag #toonewomanfromanother you help Blossom Project to collect tampons and pads to homeless women and women victims of sex trafficking in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Blossom Project is a non-profit organization in San Francisco and Copenhagen who support these women through much needed sanitary bags.

Read more about the Project here.

How does this challenge work? Over the course of 10 days I, Stine Brink will everyday be posting a picture with a yoga pose. You can either repost this photo, or strike this pose yourself. You will share this on Instagram using the hashtag #toonewomanfromanother, and tagging @womenblossomproject, @stinebrink, @loumill @tinahjelm Make sure you follow the hosts and the sponsors.

Every day, when you post your photo will be donating one tampon or pads. This means by posting 10 photos over the 10 days you will donate one packed organic cotton tampons for the project. 10 pictures – 10 days – 10 tampons.

By participating in this challenge, you will not only support the Project, and bring awareness to it – you will also have the opportunity to win a beautiful bracelet from @tinahjelm.

All you have to do is, to daily get on your mat, take a photo and share it with us. We are really looking forward to see what you want to share. I will be sharing different variations of some of the pose, and remember to choose the one there is suiting your body. If you are not a regular yoga practitioner or you simply don’t like to take photos of yourself - it also counts to re-post the picture I will be sharing.

Doing the 10 days we will work on different poses;

Day 1-4; Standing foundational poses.

Warrior 2, Chairpose, Warrior 3, Goddess Pose

Growing roots, building up the foundation

Day 5-6; Playful poses.

Sideplank, Crowpose,

Attempting armbalancing poses, to challenge you and to encourage you to stand in your own truth and voice.

Day 7-9; Heart opening poses

Low Lunge, Camel, Bridge/wheel

Opening the heart and the chest, letting yourself blossom, sharing your light and love.

Day 10; Meditation and Padme Mudra.

Contemplate upon which sentence you would like a homeless woman to receive from you. In each of the sanitary bags we will leave a personal written card, and one with be from you. On all the cards we will write “To one woman from another …” and then the words you would like a homeless woman to receive from you.

I hope you will help me to bring more awereness towards the great work Blossom Project is doing in SF and Copenhagen. Do your karma work on Instagram.

Remember to follow @womenblossomproject, @stinebrink, @loumill @tinahjelm and use the hashtag #toonewomanfromanother.

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