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New Moon ~ let go and step into your alignment

Happy New Moon. It is the last of the astrologic year – were you aware of that? I am not reading astrology myself, but I have some people close to my heart who are good at it. I love listening to it and I love felling “prepared” for the universal and energic shifts there are arriving.

Words that has been delivered to me, either directly from others – who are reading astrology or words delivered to me in my practices are:

Integrity ~ Creating space ~ Forgiveness ~ Letting Go ~ Co-creating ~ Liberation ~ Celebration.

This is what the intentions for this new moon is going to be … at least for me. This has been unfolding over the last week, the last week of the moon cycle. If you have been following me over Instagram for a while, you might have seen directly or indirectly that I have been asking for guidance and direction. And I can truly say I have been receiving guidance, more than I thought was possible. It is not always guidance feels comfortable in the beginning, but it will leave you with some sort of freedom, or liberation.

Something that really became clear for me in the process of receiving guidance is the importance of my own alignment and my own integrity. I came to the realization that I am done doing things that is not aligned with myself and my mission. I am over those days of being a people pleaser. And I am done letting people make me doubt myself, doubt my worth.

In this process of listening to the guidance, both guidance I got from my inner self, but also from conversations with other – I stepped in to the space of trust; Trusting my guts, trusting my intuition and integrity. Trusting something higher that myself. And I said goodbye to one third of my fixed income. Simply because I felt like I lost my integrity and I was not aligned with the messages, with the structure. At first it made my rather nervous saying goodbye to that amount money – and then it gave me a feeling of reclaiming my own power. A feeling of standing in my own worth. A sensation of liberation – of creating space for my own soul and being to unfold. Do you know what? Money is just an energy flowing around. Energy coming when you are not aligned is not a good feeling energy. But when you step in to alignment, with integrity and peace at heart – the energy is free flowing and feeling good.

We need to be able and brave enough to let go of what is not longer serving us, to create space to what meant for us to unfold.

In the powerful book “Earth is Hiring” by Peta Kelly she is describing an assignment, of how we find into our alignment and doing that made so my sense for me.

She asks you to write down all the values you want to have in your life. Then you choose 5 values which are non-negotiable. These are the core values of your life. Then imagine they were the gatekeepers of your life. What and who would no longer be a part of your life, if your values were your gatekeepers?

For me – this were a bit of an eye-opening assignment. It wasn’t new things but becoming aware of it in that way is eye-opening. When you have knowledge you also have an obligation to do something about it. So here I am, trying to follow my own alignment, my own integrity.

I got some exciting and big projects to work on. I am now happy that I have created more freedom in my schedule so now I can spend time being creative and work on what’s in the store.

I can not wait to launch these projects … but I will wait until I got the full structure.

So my love ones, I hope you are getting through this shift of energy doing the new moon. I really hope you take time out to place new intentions. Maybe even to find your own core values. I hope for you, that you can step into your own alignment and begin to shine. The days with fear, lack of integrity and imbalances are over. Let’s all reclaim our own power and step into our truth, alignment and find integrity in all we do. May you be free, May you be happy, May your heart be at peace.

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