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Welcome here ...

Hey - hello and welcome to this platform!

I am Stine - a yoga teacher in her search of finding back to her roots. And it's an honor to invite you to follow along.

There is happening a lot of changes in my life and in my career this moment.

I am taking a huge leap of faith - and hoping there will be a big, soft and comfortable cloud to catch me. I have decided to follow the callings of my soul and step another step closer to my life purpose, my Dharma.

Currently I am based in Copenhagen. But talking from a place of honesty - this doesn't work for me any more. Big city life isn't for me anymore. My body has tried to tell me this for a long time.

To be more gentle towards myself, my body and my soul I have decided to move ... move back to my roots. I am moving across the country to the West Coast of Denmark. I will be moving in July.

I am moving to find more stillness. To find more quietness. To find more balance.

I am moving to find more creativity. To find more inspiration. To find my roots.

That is why I have created this new platform "Returning to my roots".

I will be sharing my journey here. My journey towards finding my true purpose and re-finding my roots.

This platform is going to be a mixture of blogsposts, vlogs and pictures. Whatever I have a desire of sharing. It will be a platform coming from a place of integrity.

I will show you my journey. I will show you the sweetness... and the bitterness!

I will share with you the life as a yoga teacher. How it is to follow the calling of the soul.

I will share my adventures. And my daily life.

Again ... Welcome!


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