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Student's Testimonials

"Beautiful - Creative - Playful - Grounding - Enlightening - Loving - Embracing - Heartfelt - Sweet - Nurturing - Balanced - Peaceful - Joyful - Challenging - Welcoming.


I have had the pleasure to both have Stine join as a teacher on a retreat I held, have privates with her, join regular classes and have her teach at our NGO communities events. And I can highly recommend her. Stine always has a very professional approach, and is always well prepared.

As a teachers she is knowledgeable, calm, attentive and has a gentle and authentic presence.


Whether you are a newbie or done yoga for years you will feel in a safe not judgeable environment."


Tine Christensen

Founder l Blossom-Project


"Stine is an angel. I had the privilege of meeting her at Bamboo yoga retreat in Patnem Beach, Goa. I was in India for one week and able to attend maybe 6 of her classes.I have practiced yoga for 20+ years and i was a teacher for 7 years. I can honestly say that Stine has the most beautiful, natural and unassuming teaching style which is both gentle and powerful at the same time.I have no more words except this ladies heart and spirit shines brighter than any yoga teacher I have ever come across. If you truly love yoga you will truly love Stine. "


Shelley Perry

My experience with Stine as a trainer can only be described as awesome. Stine has the ability to prepare a flow for the session which is a challenge both for the beginner and the more experienced yoga practitioner. Always with a great build up to the most intense part of the session and then bringing us back down so when the session is over you are left with a feeling of wellness in your full body and soul.

Stine does not practise yoga, she lives yoga and that come through during her teaching.

Whenever I am in Denmark I am making sure I get as many sessions with her, as she always leaves me with so many things I can practise and study before I again have the pleasure of learning from her.

Besides being an awesome teacher she is a person so full of joy, which she gladly shares to her surroundings.

Stine is a rare person with a heart bigger than life.

Morten Foght 


" I met Stine at the Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Goa, and loved her classes, including here kind and friendly energy. I am a beginner and felt Stine did an amazing job encouraging and guiding me. 
I felt comfortable trying new positions and challanging myself with her help. 
She is amazing, and so is her classes. " 

Julia Hyltenstam.

"When living in a vibrant world, where everything can change within a minute,

a haven of relief and peace is absolutely precious!

To find someone, who can guide you in this direction is hence wonderful!

Stine helped me to focus again on that path,

getting in touch with my breath and using it to refresh my soul.

With each class I get more aware of my body,

and therefore to be respectful with it.

Because the only way to find peace with yourself is to balance your body with your soul.

Thank you Stine for all your guidance and inspiration!

Not just for the physical, but also for the mental adjustments!"

 Caroline Roithner 

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